Our approach

Your choice of service provider has a significant impact on the success of your Maximo project.
Our sustained success and reputation are built on three attributes.

This approach is applied to all our engagements, whether it is a large implementation or a small enhancement.


We understand that the number 1 requirement for our clients is a solution that delivers exactly what they need. We also know that delivering this requires experienced Maximo experts who know the software and the business processes, and that is what our team is made up of. We are renowned for designing and delivering smart and intelligent solutions, but don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.


The biggest contributor to budget overspends are undoubtedly project delays. For this reason, we work incredibly hard to ensure your project is delivered on-time and you are setup for success. We don’t point fingers or make excuses; we roll up our sleeves and get on with it.


High quality solutions are not possible without having a deep understanding of your business. To achieve this, we spend time learning how your business ticks and what your objectives are, and then we become part of your business and invest in your success.

Implementations and upgrades

Our expertise



  • Project Management

  • Requirements gathering

  • Design

  • Integration

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Training

  • Warranty and support

Quality implementations

We focus on high quality implementations because we know it is important to get it right first time.


Doing an upgrade is often a complex and lengthy process. Minimise the cost and risk of an upgrade by using an experienced team.


We understand that integrations are key to realising the full benefit of Maximo and we are accomplished in configuring the most complex of integrations.


When you are looking to improve or enhance your Maximo we can help you realise your goals quicker.

Maximo success

Maximo Success requires more than Maximo expertise.

Getting the most out of enterprise software solutions can be extremely challenging. Navigating through the maze of functionality and trying to work out how to apply it to your organisation is complex. Then add the stress of needing to get it right first time, on-time and in-budget.
With 10+ years’ experience helping and guiding organisations through this process, you can trust us to remove the stress and ensure you achieve your objectives and deliver the success that’s been promised.

We can make these guarantees to you because:

We are Maximo specialists
We are business process specialists
We know what good solutions look like
We listen intently to understand what you want to achieve
We constantly challenge ourselves to be innovative
We only celebrate success when clients are happy

Kalibrate HELP

Support that focuses on the customer experience.

We understand that your business relies on Maximo being available, which means running efficiently and effectively. Achieving this goes well beyond simply resolving tickets.

Don’t put your Maximo at risk of lengthy downtimes, productivity losses, and slow speed and response times. Choose Kalibrate as your trusted and experienced support provider.

With Kalibrate HELP we support you with:

Multiple support package options tailored to suit your needs

Highly cost-effective unlimited support

Expert advice – both technical and functional

Fast resolution of tickets – SLAs that fit your business requirements

24/7 support for critical events

Australian-based team

Application monitoring


System health reviews

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