We are always hearing our clients struggling with how long it takes to get data from the field into Maximo (one to two days, a week, longer?!?), and then it’s wrong or missing critical information.

With Kalibrate’s help you can have accurate data in a timely manner     

Most industries are now completely digital and yet all too often we see maintenance teams capturing data on paper forms and re-entering it into Maximo.

Significantly improve your team productivity with Kalibrate’s mobility solution.      

Consider a scenario where a technician attends a job and realises they’re missing critical information, or are regularly returning to the office to get their next job details.

Sound familiar? Common scenarios like these create delays and unfinished work.

Give your team the information they need when they need it.    


Mobile Experts

At Kalibrate we can help you implement a mobility solution quickly, easily and cheaply, which means that you can get the benefits of your workforce being digital.
With several successful implementations of Maximo Anywhere as a Service at Australian clients, we have the expertise required to ensure you achieve the fastest time to value realisation – increase your productivity, improve your data quality, and have access to timely information.
Our experience and track record are unmatched within the industry, and that means we can setup and configure your mobile solution so it meets your needs.

Anywhere as a Service (AaaS)

Mobility shouldn’t be expensive, and with Kalibrate’s AaaS solution you can avoid all the expensive setup costs and focus on reaping the benefits.

We can offer AaaS to you whether your Maximo is on-premise or in the cloud

Kalibrate’s AaaS solution comes with a range of other benefits like:

IBM backed solution designed for Maximo

Available on iOS, Android and Windows devices

Works in connected and disconnected modes

Patches and upgrades

Software and infrastructure support

On-premise or in the cloud

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