Maximo as a Service

Whether you’re about to start your Maximo journey, had Maximo on-premise for years, or are unhappy with your current cloud provider, we have a stress-free way to get you into the cloud.

Why Kalibrate?

120+ customers worldwide, including customers in Australia.

We partner with Projetech and jointly provide the market leading Maximo SaaS solution in Australasia.  This is your IBM Maximo solution provided to you via a Software as a Service subscription we call Maximo® as a Service.

As the leading provider of Maximo SaaS solutions, you benefit from the knowledge and experience that comes with having provided these services for many years. We know the challenges you face and what’s important to your business, and we provide Maximo in a way that means you don’t need to worry.

With us you get:

Low risk implementation

Dedicated private cloud

exclusively used by your organisation

Proactive security/Privacy

ISO 27001:2013 Certified

99.99% uptime guaranteed

Backup and disaster recovery

Continuously upgraded solution

Licence flexibility and compliance

Lightning fast application response

Comprehensive support and advice


Peace of mind

Locally-based support team

Why do you need a Maximo SaaS solution?


Most organisations now consider SaaS solutions the most effective way to provide software to its employees, and there are many reasons why this is.

Lower cost of entry

Simply, you only pay for what you need. You don’t need to buy expensive hardware or purchase any licences.  Internal resources aren’t required to setup the hardware and install the software.

Reduced costs ongoing

  • Save money on refreshing and upgrading IT hardware
  • No longer need internal resources to manage and maintain the application and database
  • Upgrade for free whenever you want
  • Easily scale up to meet business demands or take advantage of new technology/functionality
  • Predictable costs

Reduced time to benefit (increased ROI)

  • Reduced time to upgrade
  • Easily and quickly scale
  • New technology and functionality readily available
  • Expert advice whenever you need it

Reliability and security

A SaaS provider is responsible for keeping your application available (uptime) and secure.  Enforce reliability and security against service level agreements.


Accessible from anywhere at any time. Allows your employees to still be productive when they’re not in the office.

SaaS is not Hosting is not SaaS.

Cloud can be a confusing topic. There is Colocation, Hosting, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. The difference between these is significant, and it’s important to know what you are getting.

Maximo as a Service is a comprehensive SaaS solution that covers 7 of 8 requirements. Simple hosting of Maximo only covers 3 of 8 requirements. Only with our MaaS solution can you focus on the success of your business and comfortably know that everything else is taken care of.

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